Hacker "Guccifer" Goes Hollywood, Breaks Into E-Mail Accounts Of "Arrested Development" Star

The hacker who has recently illegally accessed the e-mail of leading political and business figures has gone Hollywood, breaking into the AOL accounts of an “Arrested Development” star and his spouse.

The e-mail accounts of actor Jeffrey Tambor and his wife Kasia were breached by “Guccifer,” the hacker whose months-long spree has victimized Colin Powell, billionaire John Doerr, former White House officials, assorted Rockefellers, and Bush family members and friends.

After breaking into the Tambor accounts, Guccifer has used them to distribute material previously stolen from the e-mail accounts of other victims, including former Bill Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal and Joseph Verner Reed, a top United Nations under-secretary-general.

Last month, “Guccifer” used Kasia Tambor’s AOL account when sending out e-mail blasts to scores of reporters. The communications from the hacker included copies of memos Blumenthal sent to Hillary Clinton about political developments in Libya. Blumenthal is a longtime confidant of the former secretary of state.

While in the Tambor accounts, “Guccifer” copied a contact list for the production staff of “Arrested Development,” the TV show in which Jeffrey Tambor, 68, stars as the patriarch of the dysfunctional Bluth family. The list includes e-mail addresses and phone numbers for a wide range show staffers, from executive producers (Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and Mitch Hurwitz) to a writers's assistant.

Tambor is seen above in an “Arrested Development” publicity photo.

As with the hacker’s other victims, it is unclear how “Guccifer” gained access to the Tambor AOL accounts.

In e-mails to TSG, the hacker has forwarded evidence that he recently breached the Comcast and Gmail accounts of Diana Newell Rowan, the ex-wife of David Rockefeller Jr.. While a Rockefeller spokesman, who himself was hacked by “Guccifer,” declined comment about the incursions, TSG learned that Rowan is currently trying to reset her passwords and regain control of the two accounts.