No, Kids, The 911 Operator Is Not There To Settle Beefs With Daddy

Despite reports that a 10-year-old Illinois boy called 911 last week and complained about the dinner his father served, police tapes show that the child actually dialed the emergency number and hung up without speaking.

When the operator called the number back, the boy’s father, Stefan Cristoltean, answered the phone and explained that his son had been misbehaving. “I told him to call 911. He’s misbehaving in front of me and I told him, ‘Call them, let them come over here and see who’s right.’” And the child did just that.

Click below to listen to excerpts from the October 14 dispatch tape.

At one point on the tape, the 41-year-old Cristoltean told the operator, “Now he’s begging me to tell you not to come over here.” In the background, the boy can be heard wailing, “Don’t come over. Noooo.”

Cristoltean calmly explained, “I said, ‘You know what? Call 911 if you think that you have a disagreement with me and you’re right.’ And he called 911.” While beckoning the boy to return to the dinner table from his bedroom, Cristoltean told the operator, “He thinks that is just a joke this 911. I’m telling him that is not a joke and we have to impose some rules in the house and the have to follow the rules.”

When a Buffalo Grove Police Department officer was dispatched to the Cristoltean residence, the child noted that his dinner, “was edible but that he wanted something more to his liking,” according to an online police blotter, which notes, "Yes, we are a full service police department." Before departing the Cristoltean home, the cop advised on the proper use of the 911 system.

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This kid needs be introduced to what a spanking is.
Sounds as thought you missed the obviously responsible party. George W. Bush must surely be to blame and this kid can probably run for president in 2036. Abraham Lincoln and I will probably still vote for another "Empty Suit" with the help of ACORN. Isn't Illinois ashamed of the tolerated behavior. Sumner
Send them to family counseling pronto. Been around enough dysfunctional families and their variants of power struggles. It starts with relatively benign battles over dinner and in later years ends with disaster. You don't need to be a psychologist to see the under currents in the family dynamics - that call was a call for help and intervention - dinner was just the excuse.
The father needs some discipline...how dare he allows his child to call 911. He never once apologized to the operator. People that need help are not getting this operators time because of this irresponsible parent. Who's the kid?
If I made something that our children did not like, they were not given another choice. You teach people how to treat you. This young boy is obviously not showing any respect to his dad or to the 911 system! Hey, didn't Anita Hill recently call 911 to report that Ginny Thomas had called her? I don't see any difference....abuse of the 911 system on both parties.
The young boy isn't showing respect for 911 because his father hasn't taught him to respect 911. The young boy isn't showing respect for his father because his father isn't acting like an adult - he basically used a call to 911 in much the same way some parents threaten to tell Santa the child has been bad this year. This abdication of personal and parental responsibility on the part of the father has taught the child that unwelcome situations can be avoided by throwing a big enough fit, which is exactly what both he and the father are doing. The son is doing exactly what his father taught him - but the father taught him poorly. Parents who whine that their kids don't respect them are missing the point entirely - they are willfully claiming to be powerless, which has the direct and predictable effect of empowering the child in all the wrong ways. They are asking their children to be more mature than they are - but instead of raising the bar for the kid, they lower it for themselves. I don't know how it is that parents have decided they aren't responsible for raising their own kids (i.e. by setting an example, not by telling the kid to go watch TV), but it is reaching epidemic proportions in the US and the kids only share the blame to much the same extent as a passenger is to blame for the actions of the driver. Giving the father a couple days of jail time or community service would go a long way toward teaching the child how to recognize correct behavior. Punishing the kid would be like punishing a ball for dropping to the ground when you let go of it.
Not so. Anita Hill very properly referred Ginny Thomas's remarks to the Brandeis University security office. Have you a beef with Anita Hill? She's the one who deserves an apology.
Some folks have said that Ginny wanted publicity. She didn't bring her call to anyone's attention...Ms. Hill did. What started as a woman wanting a one-on-one conversation and an apology for a shameless smear of her husband became a news story because of the other person's paranoia. Ms. Hill followed Thomas to a second job, unprompted, and never filed complaint one during her work with him. Not the MO of victim.
In a family I know a boy mouthed off at his father and got smacked. The kid called 911. A cop came and listened to the story. He told the kid, "If you were my son I'd have broken your jaw," and left.
Sorry but I don't believe your story is actually true. Oh how I WANT that story to be true!