No, Twitter, Revenge Porn Pioneer Hunter Moore Has Not Made A Triumphant Online Return

2/18 UPDATE: Moore cuts plea deal, faces years in federal prison

For anyone who actually believes that revenge porn pioneer Hunter Moore triumphantly returned Friday night to Twitter--as opposed to his dormant account being hacked or somehow taken over--here’s a reminder about the special conditions of the bail package that has kept him out of jail since his arrest last year on 18 felony counts.

Last January, Moore, 28, posted a $100,000 bond that was secured by his parents (with whom he now lives in Woodland, California). In a phone interview this evening, Moore’s mother Jeanette told TSG that her son had nothing to do with the new tweets issued from @huntermoore, his former Twitter account.

Conditions of Moore’s release include a complete Internet ban. While his parents are allowed to have online access, “the connection shall be password protected and you shall not have access to it at any time,” a judge ordered.

Moore (seen at right) is also barred from using or possessing a computer (unless authorized by a pretrial services officer). Likewise, he is not allowed to possess a phone with “Internet capabilities.”

Additionally, Moore agreed to assist federal investigators to “shut down any and all of your personal and professional Twitter accounts, Tumblr accounts, email accounts, Instagram accounts, Facebook accounts, Hunter Moore T.V. accounts, websites, and any other social media or internet accounts you may have.”

Violation of any of Moore’s terms of release would likely prompt a bond revocation hearing and could result in his pretrial detention.

According to federal court records, Moore is scheduled for a February 25 hearing in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles (a trial date has been set for March 24). In a November court filing, Moore’s lawyer reported that he was busy preparing for a trial “in the event that a pretrial resolution does not occur,” an apparent reference to ongoing plea discussions.