Ohio Cop Sparks Her Taser To Awaken Sleeping High School Student

In an ill-advised attempt to awaken a sleeping high school student, an Ohio cop sparked her Taser near the snoozing pupil, prompting a classroom commotion and the officer’s eventual suspension.

According to investigators, Officer Maryssa Boskoski, 32, was working last week as the resource officer at Liberty Preparatory School in Smithville, a village about 25 miles from Akron.

Boskoski, seen at right, was summoned Thursday to a classroom by an administrator who reported that she and a teacher had been unable to rouse the snoozing junior. Boskoski then activated her Taser and began sparking, or “arcing,” the weapon near the teenage boy.   

The student, police report, woke up--likely due to a combination of the sparking noise and the resulting commotion it caused inside the classroom. The boy was not touched by the Taser.

Upon learning of the incident, police brass placed Boskoski on unpaid leave and opened an investigation into her violation of the department’s Taser policy. The school’s interim director yesterday sent parents a letter stating that, “At no time was any student in any kind of danger.”