Not A Repeat: "Guccifer" Keeps On Hacking AOL E-Mail Accounts, Newest Victims Include Former White House Chief Of Staff

In what is becoming an everyday occurrence, the hacker “Guccifer” has broken into more e-mail accounts, including those of a former White House chief of staff and a career U.S. Army officer who now heads an information security firm.

“Guccifer” this morning sent an e-mail to TSG, Gawker, and a Russian TV news outlet that included screen grabs documenting his latest illegal incursions. The hacker’s newest victims include:

* Washington insider Kenneth Duberstein, who served as chief of staff to President Ronald Reagan, had his AOL account breached by “Guccifer.” The hacker forwarded a screen grab of an e-mail Duberstein received earlier this week from Colin Powell’s Gmail account. The hacker also included a photo of what appears to be Duberstein’s health insurance card.

The 68-year-old Duberstein, who has held a variety of government and lobbying posts, currently heads a Washington-based strategic planning and consulting company and sits on the corporate boards of Boeing and ConocoPhillips.

When “Guccifer” previously hacked Powell’s AOL account, he made copies of correspondence between the former Secretary of State and Duberstein, who is pictured above.

* Mark Gatanas, founder and chairman of VizorNet, a defense contractor whose web site notes that it provides “Information security solutions using disruptive technologies.” The Virginia firm describes its “flagship product, CryptSec” as a “modular high level information security product” that protects against computer crimes.

During his 26 years in the Army, Gatanas served as a military advisor to a series of Reagan’s Middle East representatives, including Donald Rumsfeld and Robert McFarlane.

The screen grabs distributed today by “Guccifer” showed an e-mail sent to Gatanas in late-January, as well as a list of correspondednce in one folder of his account.

* Public relations executive Fraser Seitel, whose AOL account was illegally accessed by “Guccifer.”

In addition to compromising e-mail accounts, “Guccifer” also appears this week to have taunted Powell in an e-mail sent to the retired four-star general’s Gmail account. The e-mail was sent to Powell from a Hotmail account in the name of Marilyn Berns, Powell’s late sister. The subject line of the correspondence was “My dear brother.”

Along with the message “Have a look tell me what you think? Take your time,” the hacker attached six screen grabs that included an account by former CIA official Tyler Drumheller about how Powell and other Bush administration officials botched claims about the threat from Saddam Hussein’s purported weapons of mass destruction.

In his e-mail today to TSG, “Guccifer” noted that he sent an e-mail “to Colin P. from sister account…therefore enhancing the general’s attention.”

While the original source of the Drumheller account sent to Powell is unclear, when “Guccifer” recently hacked the AOL account Sidney Blumenthal, the former Clinton White House aide, he had access to a variety of correspondence between Blumenthal and Drumheller, who ran CIA covert operations in Europe.

As he did previously with memos Blumenthal sent to Hillary Clinton, “Guccifer” recreated the Drumheller document by pasting its text into a new file, of which he then made a series of screen grabs (that were later sent to Powell). The recreated document sits on a pink background and the text is in Comic Sans, which appears to be the favored font of “Guccifer.”

The hacker closed his e-mail by noting, “And last but not least i have a word for the Main Stream Zionist Media: you will fall like a house of cards!”