Man Arrested For Failing To Return VHS Movie He Rented In 2001


A North Carolina man has been arrested on a warrant charging him with failing to return a VHS copy of a movie he rented in 2001.

As he was driving his daughter to school Tuesday morning, James Meyers, 37, got pulled over for a broken tail light. When a Concord Police Department officer ran Meyers’s name for warrants, the cop got a hit dating back more than 14 years.

Meyers, the warrant alleges, did not return “one VCR movie” to a video rental firm in Salisbury, a city 45 miles north of Charlotte. The business, J&J Video, closed years ago. The film, “Freddy Got Fingered,” was allegedly not returned “at the expiration of the time for which it was rented.”

Pictured below, Meyers was busted for failure to return hired property, a misdemeanor. Meyers, who works as a caterer, was transported to the Cabarrus County jail, where a magistrate judge subsequently released him on a written promise to appear at an April 27 court hearing.

Though it sounds like a porn title, “Freddy Got Fingered” stars comedian Tom Green as a slacker living in his father’s basement. In a generally positive New York Times review, A.O. Scott wrote that the movie’s “comic heart consists of a series of indescribably loopy, elaborately conceived happenings that are at once rigorous and chaotic, idiotic and brilliant.”

A VHS copy of the 97-minute film can currently be found on eBay for the “buy it now” price of $5.99.