Again, NEVER Call The Cops When You've Been Ripped Off In A Prostitution Transaction

After paying $500 for what he thought would be a sexual encounter at a Days Inn motel, a Florida Man called cops to complain that he had been ripped off, police say.

Jon Omer Sengul, 50, dialed 911 last Friday evening to report that he “paid for sexual activities he had not received,” according to a West Palm Beach Police Department report.

When contacted by police, Sengul “began to make incriminating statements,” prompting Officer Gregory McDonald to read him his rights. After saying that he understood the Miranda warnings, Sengul continued his tale of woe.

Pictured above, Sengul said that he offered the four occupants of another motel room $500 “in order for one or more of them” to come to his room and “have sexual relations with him.”

At this point, McDonald “clarified” with Sengul that he was admitting to soliciting another person for sex. Sengul reportedly confirmed that was exactly what he had done.

Continuing, Sengul said that he called police because “after giving the individuals the money they did not come to his room to engage in the aforementioned sexual relations.”

Sengul was subsequently arrested for soliciting prostitution, a misdemeanor. Now free on $500 bond, Sengul, who has pleaded not guilty, is scheduled for arraignment on April 29.

The police report does not identify the four inhabitants of the other motel room, or why Sengul thought they were receptive to a cash-for-sex transaction.