Cops: Accused Waffle House Wallet Thief Explained That, "The Money Was Calling To Me"

After being arrested for stealing a wallet that a patron mistakenly left on a Waffle House counter, Kwanita Morton reportedly confessed to the theft and gave cops an explanation for her actions.

“The money was calling to me,” Morton declared.

According to Florida police, the victim paid their Waffle House tab early Monday morning, but “forgot their wallet on the counter.” The wallet contained credit cards and $2286 in cash.

As recorded by a security camera, the 47-year-old Morton “was seen on video looking around, putting her hat on top of the victim’s wallet on the counter.” She then slid the hat and wallet into her hands “with discretion.”

Morton then “quickly leaves the establishment while her husband and child are left inside the restaurant to pay.” Morton, who works at a nursing home, lives about eight miles from the Waffle House in St. Petersburg.

Aided by the security footage, police subsequently identified Morton as the theft suspect. During questioning, police report, Morton admitted to swiping the wallet, claiming, “The money was calling to me.”

Seen above, Morton was arrested on a felony grand theft charge and booked into the county jail. She was released from custody early yesterday after posting $2000 bond.

Morton’s rap sheet includes four separate misdemeanor theft convictions.