No Jail For Man Who Put Bodily Fluid In Female Co-Worker's Water Mug

A Florida Man who twice placed bodily fluids in the water mug of a female co-worker got off this week with a slap on the wrist when he was sentenced for his vile conduct.

Robert Tyson, 63, was placed on probation for one year and ordered to perform 250 hours of community service in connection with his no contest plea to a pair of misdemeanor battery charges, according to minutes of Tuesday’s sentencing hearing.

Pictured at right, Tyson, who was ordered to have no contact with the victim, must also take HIV and STD tests and undergo a mental evaluation.

Tyson was arrested last year after targeting a fellow employee with whom he clashed. Tyson worked with the woman at a dermatology clinic in Tallahassee (from which he was fired).

According to investigators, Tyson placed semen in a water mug used by the victim, who consumed some of the tainted liquid. The woman told police that as she was drinking from the mug, she “became aware of a distinct taste and smell” and “observed a white colored mucous substance floating atop the water.”

The victim also recalled an earlier instance when she “detected a strange taste” in her water and subsequently spotted a “white colored” substance atop the drink.

After the victim told supervisors about the incidents, Tyson sent a confession e-mail to the firm’s HR manager. Tyson wrote that he was “repulsed at the thought of my action,” adding that, “I put a couple of drops of semen in her water. Yes, semen. Why semen? Why put anything at all in there? I-DO-NOT-KNOW!!! I-JUST-DO-NOT-KNOW!!!”

Tyson went on to blame his actions on “exhaustion due to his work schedule,” according to a probable cause affidavit.