Man Arrested, Jailed While Wearing "I Just Got Out Of Prison" Shirt

A man wearing a shirt declaring “I just got out of prison” was locked up anew Sunday after police responded to a 911 call about a male suspect entering a parked car and stealing a wallet.

Michael Gordon, 46, pleaded no contest yesterday to a misdemeanor obstruction charge and was sentenced to five days in custody and fined $500, Florida court records show.

The criminal count against Gordon stemmed from his refusal to identify himself to deputies probing the reported auto break-in. A portable fingerprint scanner was used to identify Gordon, who told cops to “Call my lawyer.”

Gordon’s shirt accurately reflected his most recent scrape with the law.

Gordon, who is listed as a transient, was convicted in late-July of trespass after he unsuccessfully tried to enter a Dodge van parked in a St. Petersburg lot. Originally charged with attempted burglary, a felony, Gordon copped to a reduced misdemeanor count and was sentenced to 115 days in jail (which he had already spent behind bars following his late-March arrest).

When he posed for a December 3 booking photo, Gordon, seen above, had changed out of his “prison” shirt into his orange jail smock.

Gordon’s rap sheet includes convictions for burglary; narcotics possession; trespass; theft, prowling; criminal mischief; and obstructing police.