This Is A Dumb Way To Raise Money To Pay For Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

A Florida Woman arrested Saturday on a felony narcotics charge told police that she sells fentanyl to make money to pay for an attorney “for a pending drug charge,” according to an arrest report.

Nicole Gregory, 28, was busted after a sheriff’s deputy spotted her dropping a bag that held four baggies containing the synthetic opioid. “The defendant did intend to sell said substance,” the investigator alleged.

After being collared on a St. Petersburg street, Gregory reportedly admitted that she “sells the drug for $10 per ‘bump.’” Gregory then claimed she was “selling the narcotics to make money for an attorney for a pending drug charge.”

According to court records, Gregory was arrested last month for selling methamphetamine to an undercover cop. In August, she was charged with possessing fentanyl and meth. Both cases are pending in Circuit Court.

In addition to the new fentanyl rap, Gregory was charged with four other drug counts after she was found in possession of narcotics including meth, morphine, and Oxycodone.

Pictured above, Gregory bonded out of jail Saturday night after posting $18,000 bond.