Virginia Felon's Forehead Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Him

Meet Hubert Leverich.

The 40-year-old Virginia man, a convicted felon and former state prison inmate, was arrested today for the alleged sexual abuse of a teen girl.

It is unclear when Leverich, a habitual offender who is being held without bond, added those words to his forehead.

During a prior custodial term, Leverich filed a lawsuit against Virginia state officials when his request for a circumcision was denied by a prison doctor who concluded that there was “nothing wrong with his penis,” according to a December 1995 Associated Press report.

Claiming to suffer from infections and pain, Leverich sought $50,000 in damages and a court-ordered circumcision. His lawsuit was subsequently dismissed by a federal judge.

Leverich’s rap sheet includes a wide variety of arrests, including collars for weapons possession; contempt; possession of stolen property; perjury; cocaine possession; reckless driving; marijuana possession; trespassing; and larceny.