Police Give "Mr. Monopoly" Chance To Go Directly To Jail

After being stuffed into a patrol car, an accused vandal told police that his name was “Mr. Monopoly” and that he was born, of course, on 4-20-69, records show.

Investigators say Ryan Howard, 33, was arrested Saturday evening for spray painting a wall in St. Petersburg, Florida.

When officers confronted him, Howard had a bag slung over his shoulder containing “spray paint cans that could be observed in plain view.”

Told that he was required to identify himself, Howard was initially mute. But after being detained, Howard “stated ‘Mr. Monopoly’ and provided a date of birth of 4/20/1969,” according to a cop.

Howard was subsequently identified via his Maine driver's license.

In addition to criminal mischief, Howard was charged with resisting, a misdemeanor, for providing cops with a fake name and date of birth.

Seen above, Howard had the chance to go directly to jail. He will be released from custody after officials collect $1000 bond.