No, Duran Duran Will Not Consume Your 1998 Vintage Corton-Charlemagne Wine

Duran Duran, now in the midst of its 2011 world tour, has a backstage rider with such specific wine requirements that concert promoters may require the services of a sommelier.

Included in the “Wine and Champagne” section of the band’s “STAR Dressing Room” demands are:

* “3 bottles of excellent quality Italian red wine - Sassicaia, Solaia or Tignanello - vintages between 89 and 97”

* “2 bottles of excellent quality white wine - Corton Charlemagne preferred - vintages 1996, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2004.”

* “2 bottles of good quality Champagne - Veuve Clicquot or Bollinger preferred.”

The group also wants a bottle of “reasonable quality white wine – Chardonnay or local favorite” and a bottle of Patron Silver tequila. “Do not Supply Regular Tequila,” the rider warns promoters.

Comments (3)

Tignanello!!! Heavens no!!! I’ve always found that the effervescent Bollinger 2000 Brut Vielles Vigne Francaises Balnc de Noir, chilled just a smidgen above 38 degrees Fahrenheit, falls effortlessly from the crystal with pure elegant, delightfully refined mousse that will captivate any civilized palate like an essense of a most memorable long and lingering subtle sweet kiss.
These prissy has-beens ought to be less demanding considering their floundering career,
"Verve Clicquot" Indeed.