Duke Accuser Crystal Mangum Is Accused Of Stabbing Boyfriend With Kitchen Knife

The woman who falsely accused a group of Duke lacrosse players of sexual assault was arrested yesterday for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend in the chest during an argument in the victim’s North Carolina home.

Crystal Mangum, 32, was booked into the Durham County Jail, where she is being held without bond on an assault with a deadly weapon charge. The victim suffered serious injuries in the attack and is hospitalized at Duke University Hospital.

According to Durham Police Department reports, Mangum stabbed Reginald Daye, 46, with a kitchen knife “with the intent to kill and inflicting serious injury.” The 3:15 AM assault occurred in Daye’s apartment on Century Oaks Drive in Durham.

Mangum, pictured in the mug shot at right, is scheduled to appear this morning in District Court on the felony charge.

Last February, Mangum was arrested for allegedly assaulting Milton Walker, her then boyfriend, and threatening to stab him. She was also accused of setting fire to the man’s clothes. She was convicted in December of several misdemeanors, including child abuse, since her torching of Walker’s garments nearly burned down a home occupied by several minors.

In 2006, Mangum, who worked as an exotic dancer, claimed that she was sexually assaulted while performing at a party attended by members of the Duke lacrosse team. Rape charges against three athletes were eventually dismissed when the North Carolina attorney general determined that there was insufficient evidence to back Mangum's claims.

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I'd like to hear/read your thoughts about the following murder/rap­e case. Let me guess, you've never heard of it until now. Why hasn't it got national attention? It's much much much more worse that anything related to the duke case. And this was never classified as a hate or racist crime. Tell me why. http://sis­tertoldjah­.com/archi­ves/2007/0­5/14/chris­tian-newso­m-murders-­media/
She needs five years in the slammer for rehabilitation.
Mike Nifong to the rescue!
whatta surprise.. wonder how those professors who went out of their way to screw with the lacrose kids feel.. Oh yah they are in the same class as the wall streeters, bankers, and priests... whatta country we have become
I like it that the reporters wrote that these men "dated" her......how funny is that?
I guess we have to surmise that a sexual liaison is a "date." It may be a date for MONEY, but it's a date, nonetheless.
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