Man Busted For Driving Lawn Mower Under The Influence On Florida Highway

A Florida Man with multiple drunk driving convictions on his rap sheet is facing another DUI charge after police spotted him driving his lawn mower down the middle of a highway.

Paul Burke, 48, was pulled over Thursday night as he drove on Highway 316 near his home in Fort McCoy, a community just north of Ocala. Burke, atop a Husqvarna riding lawn mower, was driving significantly below the 55 mph speed limit.

Burke, who told a Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy that he did not have a driver’s license, acknowledged that, “I have had maybe a little too much to drink tonight.”

After a wobbly Burke was unable to perform field sobriety tests, he told the cop, “Just take me to jail.” At one point, an exasperated Burke motioned towards his ride and said, “I’m on a lawnmower.”

Due to his multiple prior DUI convictions, Burke was charged with a pair of felonies. He was released Monday from the county jail after posting $11,000 bail. Burke’s rap sheet includes other convictions for grand theft, cocaine possession, forgery, and leaving the scene of a car crash.