Drunk Driver Offered Cops Bet On How High Her Blood Alcohol Content Would Register

A woman arrested for drunk driving asked cops if they wanted to place a bet on what she registered on a breathalyzer test, according to court records.

Mary Westerlund, 62, was nabbed late Monday evening near her home in Florida's The Villages retirement community. Cops approached Westerlund’s Acura after receiving a report of a “drunk female being present at the Fire Station.”

Westerlund, cops say, was impaired and had “bloodshot glassy eyes and heavily slurred speech.” As she screamed at a sheriff’s deputy, the officer detected “the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her breath,” according to an arrest affidavit.

When police sought to place her in a patrol car, Westerlund, pictured above, reportedly struggled with a deputy and announced that she was not going to jail.

After being driven to the county lockup, Westerlund submitted two breath samples--but not before offering a police technician a 25-cent wager. Westerlund, who was convicted of drunk driving in 2015, estimated that she “would blow a .190 BAC.” The legal blood alcohol content level is .08.

The Intoxilyzer operator--who did not accept the two-bit offer--subsequently had Westerlund provide samples that registered her BAC at .229 and then .210.

Westerlund was charged with drunk driving and resisting a police officer, both misdemeanors. She was released from custody the following afternoon upon posting $3000 bond.