Georgia Cop Tickets Motorist For Eating McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder While Driving

A motorist was cited for “eating while driving” after a cop spotted him noshing on a McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese as he drove along a Georgia roadway.

Madison Turner, 36, was ticketed by a Cobb County policeman shortly after he left a McDonald’s drive-thru in Marietta on January 10. The ticket issued to Turner, a web developer from Alabama, alleges that the driver failed to exercise due care while behind the wheel.

In the ticket’s “remarks” section, Officer Delaney wrote, “Eating While Driving.”

Turner, who was pulled over around 3:40 PM, told TSG that the cop specifically told him that his 2009 BMW was not swerving in the roadway, nor was he driving above the speed limit. Turner, seen above, contends that he was not distracted while enjoying his McDonald’s grub.

Turner, who intends to fight the ticket, is scheduled for a February 3 court appearance.