McDonald's Worker Busted For Dousing Drive-Thru Customer With Large Soft Drink

A McDonald’s worker on probation for cocaine possession was arrested last night for dousing a customer with a large soft drink during a dispute at the drive-thru window, according to Florida court records.

Katrina Lee Jordan, 37, was working at the Pinellas Park restaurant when she and the male victim “began having a verbal argument.” The nature of the drive-thru dispute was not detailed in an arrest affidavit.

Cops allege that Jordan, seen at right, “took a large soft drink and threw it in the victim’s window,” striking the man and spilling the cup’s contents “all over his car and his clothing.”

Jordan, arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge, will also face a probation violation count in connection with her 7:45 PM collar. Locked up in the county jail, the St. Petersburg resident is on probation until January 2021 for a felony cocaine possession conviction.

Jordan’s rap sheet includes convictions for scheme to defraud, violating probation, and passing bad checks or currency.