Cops: KFC Worker Clobbered Drive-Thru Patron With Bag Of Extra Crispy Chicken, Biscuits

A KFC worker allegedly smashed a drive-thru customer in the face with a bag of extra crispy chicken and biscuits after the patron complained that his food was being prepared in an unsanitary manner, Florida cops say.

According to a police report, after Ronald Jenkins, 53, placed an order at a KFC in Jacksonville on December 29, he became “verbally upset” with a female worker who was not wearing a hairnet or gloves while preparing his order.

Jenkins and KFC employee Shade Simmons, 30, “exchanged words throughout the incident,” which Jenkins recorded on his phone, investigators report.

With Jenkins’s order in hand, Simmons opened the drive-thru window and allegedly “tossed the food at Jenkins striking him in the face.”

When questioned by a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office deputy, Simmons said that Jenkins was "very rude" to her and “snatched the food away from her.” Simmons added that she let go of the bag and “observed the food land in Jenkins lap.”

Pictured above, Simmons was arrested on a battery charge. Jenkins claims that he suffered damage to a tooth and had his glasses knocked off when hit by the KFC order.

Simmons, free on $5000 bond, is scheduled for a January 29 arraignment on the misdemeanor count. The Jacksonville resident, who has been ordered to have no contact with Jenkins, has previously been convicted of theft, trespass, and fighting.