Wife Battered Husband After She Found Dildo Among His Belongings, Cops Charge

Meet Chao Gao.

After discovering a dildo among her husband’s belongings during a move Wednesday night, the Florida woman attacked her spouse, leaving him with bruises and scratches on his face, according to cops who arrested Chao for domestic battery.

As detailed in court records, the 48-year-old Gao and Joshua Sinclair, who have been married for just over a year, were driving to a new residence in Sarasota when Gao confronted Sinclair about the sex toy she discovered.

In a police statement, Sinclair wrote that Gao became furious upon learning from him that “a dildo she found was actually for me to use.”

An argument between the couple then allegedly turned physical. Sinclair charged that Gao--who was driving at the time--began to “beat and slap and pinch my face with her hand repeatedly” for about 30 minutes. The attack ended, Sinclair said, when the duo arrived at their new home (from which he dialed police).

When a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrived in response to the 911 call, he found Sinclair with “injuries of bruising and scratching” to “the victim’s right eye, lip, nose, and forehead.” Gao “had no signs of injuries,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

Gao, who operates a Sarasota day care facility, was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery count. She was released from custody yesterday and is scheduled for arraignment on March 15.