Case Dropped Against Accused Pork Chop Attacker After Mate Declines To Press Charges

The Florida Woman arrested for clobbering her mate in the face with a pork chop will not be prosecuted after the victim declined to press charges, noting that the couple was “planning our wedding.”

Jennifer Brassard, 48, was arrested for domestic battery in February after she threw a frozen pork chop at Richard Nicewicz, 54. The airborne meat struck Nicewicz above his left eyebrow, causing a half-inch laceration, according to a complaint affidavit.

Seen at right, Brassard was arrested in the couple’s Tampa-area home, which Nicewicz fled after getting hit with the pork chop.

Nicewicz eventually had second thoughts about Brassard’s prosecution, telling the State Attorney’s office that he did not want her to face trial.

In a handwritten motion seeking the lifting of a no contact order, Nicewicz wrote that, “We are planning our wedding and she has a dog at our house she probably misses.” He also termed the pork chop strike an “accident.”

It is unclear whether a date has been set for the couple’s nuptials, or whether they will be registering at Pat LaFrieda.