A Week After Halloween, Revelers In Makeup Are Still Getting Arrested

The celebration of Halloween this year extended well beyond October 31, according to police blotters. As seen above, the latest makeup-stained reveler to get collared was James Ferris, a 36-year-old Ohio man busted Saturday morning for domestic violence.

Ferris was popped after allegedly getting into a physical altercation with his wife Wendy in the couple’s Middletown home. Wendy Ferris, 38, told TSG the incident was a “complete misunderstanding,” and that her husband did not deserve to be jailed. Ferris said that since she and her husband were busy working at a haunted house on Halloween, they had a party this weekend.

Her husband’s costume, she added, consisted of “scary makeup.” Which Ferris was still wearing when he posed for a Butler County Sheriff’s Office mug shot.