FBI: College Professor Used Phony Facebook Account To Stalk, Threaten Cop

A college professor who claims that a New Orleans police officer once raped his girlfriend used a fake Facebook profile to threaten and stalk the cop, federal investigators charge.

The bizarre scheme allegedly hatched by Gary O’Bireck is detailed in a January 25 felony complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Louisiana. O’Bireck, a 57-year-old associate professor at Anna Maria College near Worcester, Massachusetts, is accused of threatening Brooke Duncan over a rape allegation reportedly lodged against the cop in September 2007.

The alleged victim, now 23, is a Worcester native who briefly attended Loyola University in New Orleans. O’Bireck was arrested Monday by FBI agents.

To transmit threats to the 32-year-old Duncan, investigators allege, O’Bireck created a Facebook page in the name “Michael LovesMayhem.” As seen above, the phony page, which remains online, includes a profile of a hulking tattooed man carrying a rifle with a bayonet. Another image purportedly shows the man’s brother manning a .50 caliber machine gun in Iraq.

In messages sent from the Facebook account, O’Bireck allegedly indicated that he was a fellow law enforcement officer and claimed to be affiliated with Hells Angels members who would “chop you into pieces. Think chainsaws.”

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I think I should write a college essay about this FBI case. Very interesting topic for criminology classes.
Riverstyx has the right idea but look deeper into this circus. Cop in new orleans rapes girl student from Massachusetts. Nothing happens to him for 3 years, no charges, no courts. Cop thinks hes in the clear. Thre years goes by. Prof from Massachusetts starts poking around turning up the heat on the cop. Yea i agree hes a moron for doing it that way but think about what happened because of whay he did. Cop panics. Not bc hes afraid of threats but bc he knows hes will be exposed. So cop calls in the heavieshiatters the feds the fbi to stop the prof from making more noise against him. Prof is finished. Cop goes free again. Perfect ending to rotton story.
I go to the school and have had this professor for a couple classes. The news is shocking, but not unbelievable. Yes, he's well-educated (has published a couple CJ books) and well-liked by most students, but is sometimes a bit 'out there.' Opinion about him at the college (before this happened) was mixed. Without getting into too many details, I'll just say, his methods of dealing with things are odd and often misguided (ahem fake FB page for threatening cop), but his reasons/motivation are almost certainly valid. So, I agree with riverstyx, look into the cop.
i agree w/ riverstyxx..... this isnt some douche bag kid threatening a bunch of cops in the most corrupt city in the US, its a well-educated (no matter how stupid his actions were in this thing) professor with a doctorate in criminology he obviously knows how shiat wrx in the system.... i personally really want to know what the police officers in new oreans did to provoke such ridiculous threats.... i know if i knew a girl who got raped esp by a cop every guy i know would wanna kill them.i want toknow the other side of this story.
The professor is 57 years old, the cop is 32 and the professor's girlfriend is 23 (20 at the time of the alleged incident)? What is wrong with this picture?
that is classic... that picture is of a minor league hockey player by the name of mike sgroi...what a tool bag!
That's hysterical. It is Mike Sgroi. He clearly photoshopped out the hockey stick and added an assault rifle.
I think this should at least warrant an investigation into the alleged crime - this is unique, but by no means is he right in what he did. I dont know, doesn't really fit the profile of an internet-harasser. College professors tend to have 10+ years of education and next to no criminal record. Something must have really pissed this guy off, its at least worth looking into. Anyone else remember Justin Volpe? Pretty scary..
Yeah, he's going to regret claiming to be affiliated to HA that's for sure!