Florida Woman Jailed For Domestic Battery After Cuddle Scuttle

A Florida Woman is accused of battering her boyfriend when he asked to cuddle with her in their bed, police report.

According to investigators, Kiesel Anthony, 45, was in bed with her boyfriend around 2 AM Wednesday when the 42-year-old victim “asked to cuddle with defendant and defendant said no.”

Anthony, cops allege, got mad at her boyfriend “for trying to cuddle,” and began yelling and screaming at him in their St. Petersburg home. After throwing a fan, Anthony “grabbed the pole from the fan and hit the victim in the back of the right leg, causing a visible injury.”

Pictured at right, Anthony was arrested for domestic battery and booked into the county jail. She is being held on $2500 bond and a judge has ordered her to have no contact with the victim.

In February, Anthony was charged with battering the same man. She subsequently entered into a deferred prosecution agreement requiring her to complete a 12-month domestic violence program (which included 29 weeks of counseling). Prosecutors have moved to revoke that agreement in light of Anthony’s September 22 arrest.

Anthony’s rap sheet includes prior convictions for welfare fraud; disorderly conduct; evidence tampering; criminal mischief; failure to appear in court; driving with a suspended or revoked license; and leaving the scene of an accident.