Ex-Con Busted For Hitting His Mother In Head With Thrown Corn Cob

Meet Cody Cummins.

The 27-year-old unemployed cook was beaming when he posed for a mug shot following his arrest for allegedly hitting his mother in the head with a corn cob Saturday evening.

According to cops, Cummins “intentionally and unlawfully” threw a corn cob that struck the 56-year-old woman in the head. “The Victim was hurt but did not have any physical injuries,” police reported.

The incident--characterized as a domestic battery by cops--occurred in the Tampa, Florida-area home where Cummins and his mother reside.

Cummins, who fled the residence after allegedly flinging the corn cob, was arrested around 3:30 AM Sunday. He is being held in the county jail in lieu of $150 bond.

Cummins’s rap sheet includes an armed burglary conviction for which he spent more than three years in state prison. Last year, Cummins’s mother received a temporary domestic violence injunction against him, though that action was voluntarily dismissed two weeks after it was filed.