Chicken-Eating, Cell Phone-Using Driver Says He Was "Distracted" When He Nearly Plowed Into Police Car

While driving a vehicle filled with drugs and guns, Shawn Smith was simultaneously eating chicken and using a cell phone when he almost plowed into a marked police car while attempting a U-turn around midnight Friday.

This series of bad choices culminated in the arrest of the 33-year-old Floridian by the Bradenton Police Department. Smith, pictured in the mug shot at right, was collared on a felony cocaine count and a misdemeanor drug paraphernalia rap.

When Officer Chris Liotti initiated a traffic stop after the near-miss, Smith “advised he was on the cell phone and eating chicken so he was distracted,” according to a probable cause affidavit excerpted here. Smith was freed Sunday from the Manatee County jail after posting $13,500 bond.

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I don't see the big deal...he needed the gun to protect his cocaine stash and all that hunting and protecting works up a mean appetite-gotta tell your lady just how lip smackin good that chicken is! right? right? Seriously, what a tosser. what is it about the state of florida? I have lost track of how many people I have met here in california that MOVED AWAY from florida to get off drugs because they are everywhere! coke is a drug for asshats anyway. and they didn't even suspend his license? SERIES of bad choices? Has there been anything BUT bad choices here? the only thing this story didn't have is banjos playing.
Look at his doe-eyed confusion. 'What? But I was hungy. What was I supposed to do?'
Speaking of how he looks.....I really hate to point this out, but does anyone else besides me see the resemblance between Smith and Gov. Rick Scott?
You can't fix STUPID!!!!!
driving a vehicle, eating chicken, using a cell phone, most likely listening to Limbaugh or Beck on the radio, collectively may be hazardous to your health as well as the welfare of the traveling public. Let me know when he's able to balance spinning plates on his nose and juggle slinkies..
"We'll see if newly elected Gov. Rick Scott might change things for the better." The fact that Florida elected that fascist is proof enough that the crazy is rampant down there.
It's ironic how ignorant people incorrectly call conservatives who adhere to the Constitution, fascists when leftists are the ones who are hard at work talking away our liberties. Liberals are morphing into leftists and they don't even realize it. One thing we know, liberal governments don't clean up crime and only make it worse.
His vehicle was filled with drugs and guns, yet he still walks (and drives) amongst us. Time to stiffen your laws, Florida if you're going to have so many criminals living there....but then again I guess that explains why they do live there. We'll see if newly elected Gov. Rick Scott might change things for the better.
It would seem that bad choices are a family trait. His sperm donor apparently made a bad choice by not doning a condom.
said it before, and I'll say it again: Florida! I love the phrase "series of bad choices." I bet this gentleman is very far down a long string of bad choices.