Utah Woman Discovered Cocaine Hidden Inside Tampons Purchased At Salt Lake City Store

A woman who purchased a box of tampons Sunday at a Utah store returned home to find that the feminine care products were filled with cocaine, police report.

The discovery by shopper Cindy Davidson has prompted an investigation by Salt Lake City cops, who suspect that the stuffed tampons were part of a drug smuggling scheme that somehow went off the rails.

Davidson purchased the tampons at the NPS Store, which describes itself as a “salvage and freight recovery company that sells its products in two stores in Salt Lake City.” The cut-rate retailer sells a variety of merchandise that it obtains from “misdirected or damaged freight.”

Davidson, who had gone to the store to purchase Crest Whitestrips, bought the Boots brand tampons “bcuz they were cheap,” according to a posting on her Facebook page. Davidson, a 39-year-old mother of two, added that she had never heard of Boots, which are produced by a British-based health and beauty conglomerate.

After discovering the stash hidden inside the applicators of individual tampons, Davidson (pictured at left) called police, who conducted a field test and confirmed that the powdery substance was cocaine.

After cops left with the narcotics and the tampons, Davidson sent her 300 friends a Facebook message “No one would ever believe what has happened 2 me 2nite. I bought a package of tampons filled with cocaine bags,” she wrote. “I have had hazmat and the police at my house all night. I will post details as they become available. Totally tripping out.”

The remaining Boots tampons have been removed from the Utah store's shelves as police attempt to backtrack the source of the cocaine (and to determine whether other packages contain narcotics).