Human Humidor, 20, Stars In Latest Installment Of "She Hid What Where?"

Meet Carneeka Sanders.

The 20-year-old Floridian stars in the latest installment of TSG’s never-ending series “She Hid What Where?”

Sanders was arrested last night on an outstanding warrant after a car she was traveling in was stopped by St. Petersburg police.

After being patted down by a cop, Sanders "stated she had marijuana and a cigar in her vagina," according to a criminal complaint. Sanders then “provided the marijuana and cigar” to an officer.

Seen above, Sanders was arrested for pot possession and the outstanding warrant (which was related to her alleged failure to return a rental car).

Sanders, who was arrested twice last year for pot possession, was released from custody early this morning after posting $5000 bond. Police records list Sanders’s employer as the Steak 'n Shake restaurant chain.

The complaint does not detail the weight of the marijuana seized, the size of the stashed cigar, or whether the stogie was stuffed with pot.

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