Man Claims "Higher Power" Approved Of His 1:20 AM Trespassing

After being arrested again for trespassing on the grounds of an Ohio library, a suspect explained to police that “a higher power allowed him” to be on the property at 1:20 AM.

Specifically, Carnel Gittens claimed he had “checked with Christ” and secured permission, according to a police report.

Gittens, 28, was arrested early Saturday outside the public library in Sandusky, a city an hour outside Cleveland. Gittens (right) was using an exterior outlet to charge his phone, cops reported.

Gittens--who had twice previously been busted trespassing at the library--cited Christ when a patrolman asked what he was doing on the property. Charged with criminal trespass, Gittens was booked into the Erie County jail, where he remains locked up on $1750 bond.

Following a 2023 arrest, Gittens, who is nicknamed “Cloud,” told police he “was from Canada and he has been wandering Ohio for the past year.”

Christ could not be reached for comment.