Cops: Man, 23, Battered Sister Because She Got His Dinner At McDonald's, Not Chinese Takeout Joint

A Floridian was not lovin’ it last night when his sister brought home dinner from McDonald’s instead of a Chinese takeout joint, according to police who arrested the man for battering his sibling.

As detailed in a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office report, Luciano Vasquez-Marte, an unemployed 23-year-old, became upset when his sister Luisanna, 21, “went to McDonald’s to get him dinner, and he wanted Chinese food.”

Luisanna told cops that her brother got in her face and began “yelling and screaming” at her in their Land O’ Lakes home. Feeling threatened, she pushed him away. Luciano then allegedly “pushed her onto the couch, and then began using his fists to punch her several times in the head.” A sheriff’s deputy reported that Luisanna had several bumps on her head.

Despite her “obvious injuries,” Luisanna declined an offer of medical attention, investigators noted.

During questioning, cops reported, Luciano explained that his sister “brought him home McDonald’s when she knows Luciano likes the local Chinese menus.” He added that his sibling “was very disrespectful and began yelling at him about liking what he got.”

Seen in the above mug shot, Vasquez-Marte was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery and booked into the county jail. He was released late this afternoon.