Minnesota Cops Open Criminal Probe Of Gay Marriage Opponent's Fiery General Mills Protest

Police have opened a criminal investigation into a gay marriage opponent’s now-infamous fiery protest outside the General Mills headquarters in Minnesota.

Cops in Golden Valley, home to the food conglomerate, are probing Michael Leisner’s recent blowtorch-aided demonstration next to the entrance to the firm’s corporate campus.

Golden Valley Police Department Chief Stacy Carlson said the “ongoing investigation” began yesterday and could take a couple of weeks. She declined to say whether cops have spoken with the 65-year-old Leisner (seen at right). Nor would she comment on what specific crimes are being investigated.

As seen in a YouTube video shot by one of Leisner’s sons, the real estate broker set out to torch a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios in protest of General Mills’s recent announcement that it opposes a November ballot initiative banning gay marriage in Minnesota.

However, with the wind whipping, Leisner accidentally set fire to the lawn in front of the headquarters entrance. After failing to stomp out the flames, Leisner directed his son/cameraman (and a young female) to “Quick, get in the car.” The trio then fled, apparently with a small section of the lawn still on fire.

The video was initially uploaded Sunday to the YouTube page of Leisner’s son. As seen below, some brief post-protest footage was added today to the page. Leisner’s son and the unidentified girl are seen taking items from the trunk of the silver getaway car. As they remove the blowtorch and a wooden stool, the girl says, “Ooh, check out the bowl.” “Smells like burning plastic,” added the younger Leisner.