Meet The Degenerate Who Stole Those Game Boys From A Dead Teen's Casket

What kind of a person goes to a wake for a teenager killed in a car accident and steals two Game Boys from inside the dead boy’s casket?

Meet Jody Lynn Bennett, the 37-year-old Pennsylvania skell accused of desecrating the casket of Bradley McCombs. The 17-year-old died on Christmas after crashing his car into a utility pole while driving on a snowy road.

According to police, Bennett (whose family is close friends with McCombs’s parents) attended a wake Monday evening for the teenager. While at the funeral home, Bennett allegedly reached into the boy’s casket and removed two Game Boy consoles and several game cartridges--items that were intended to be buried with the teenager.

Bennett, pictured above, was arrested yesterday and booked into the Indiana County jail on a variety of charges, including theft, abuse of a corpse, and disorderly conduct. He is being held in lieu of $15,000 bond.

A relative of Bennett’s told the Associated Press that the suspect “has been into drugs, he’s into alcohol.” Still, even for a dope fiend, robbing a casket holding the corpse of a teenager is beyond reprehensible.

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What the hell 17 year old is so into game boys that he would have wanted them burried with him? and who why burry that shiat anyway. good for this man for taking them
And what, pray tell, Danny would be an appropriate punishment, in your mind? Or because he's dead, it shouldn't matter?
He is going to bust hell wide the Fark open for doing something as low as this. I mean who in there right mind steals from a dead 17 year old?
ya hopefully theres a couple dads in the cell with him that'll teach him a little lesson. f'in piece o meth crap.
Well yes it is disturbing to do anything to a corpse but stealing? 1. He's not going to need it because he's DEAD! 2. What's his Soul/Spirit going to do when the Batteries run out? In short Yes he is a piece of shiate, but WHO did he steal from???
I wondered the same thing myself. Imagine the desecration to the corpse when those batteries finally leak! It's the thought that counts, so just think about leaving them with him, and not polluting the soil (or air if he's to be cremated). It's not like the good old days when Egyptian gods could take their gold and chariots and harlots and pet cat with them. Plus, since Bill Gates got the contract for the afterlife gaming rooms, if they're not x-box compatible, they'd be useless. At least let the living have some fun while they're alive. This guy was actually doing himself and his dead buddy a favour. Can you just imagine what St Peter would say when he saw gameboy shiate in his hands? Sorry sir, you can't bring that in here. Aww, but I wanna! Nope, go to hell.
I agree. You can't steal from a person that no longer exists. It is bad taste to bury electronics (especially in an expensive casket). The guy shouldn't have taken them, but they shouldn't have been in there in the first place. Was the deceased that selfish? Give them to a living child who can actually use them. I only made this account to comment on the utter lack of sense in most of these comments. Condemning someone to hell is not for any of you to do, and it is not the job of moronic commenters to pass judgement on someone you don't even know. I'm not religious, but he certainly doesn't deserve eternal damnation for this minor offense. There's a good chance he's probably not a "piece of shiate," or maybe he is, I don't know. I do know addiction makes people act in ways they normally wouldn't. Lots of other people know this to, but they still held him on $15,000 dollars bail? As it stands bail is extortion, and in this case even more so.
Wow, you suck.
Boy, does he ever. Just when you thought you'd heard it all, this loser comes along. I have no doubt there's a very special place in hell for this guy and I for one will be very happy to see him go there.
After spending one summer having too much fun working at a perpetual care cemetery, I can assure you that he has built up some mega doses of Samscaras (sp?) for himself and will be having some bad JU JU for the next decade and then some.