A Careful Review Of Incident Reports Reveals Cops Cannot Spell

With scores of police reports crossing our desks weekly, we’ve begun worrying about the spelling skills of the country’s law enforcement officers.

While typed incident reports understandably can have typos caused by errant keystrokes, the mistakes riddling a recent handwritten report prepared by a Florida cop are harder to explain away.

As seen in this assemblage, blunders included misspellings of frequently used words like “description” and “alleged,” as well as mangled versions of “occurred” and “happened.” In fact, the officer’s misspelling of happened occurred three times.

And while poor spelling is no laughing matter, in this case it produced one amusing observation when the officer recounted how the arrestee “preformed masterbation” in front of an alleged victim.

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Really? If that's the worst you could find, then things are not as bad as I would have imagined. Then again, I'm constantly trolling the comments sections of the innerwebz, so my tolerance is pretty high.