California Police Hunt For Doorbell Licker Caught In The Act

Police have identified and are seeking to arrest a man who was recorded vigorously licking the doorbell of a northern California home early Saturday morning.

Investigators say that Roberto Arroyo, 33, spent several predawn hours prowling around a Salinas residence. While the homeowners were away, the couple’s children were inside the house.

As seen above (and below), a home surveillance camera captured Arroyo licking the doorbell from different angles. He was also recorded relieving himself in the front yard.

When apprehended, Arroyo will face a prowling charge and a theft count (for stealing extension cords used in a Christmas light display). Additionally, since he is on probation, Arroyo will also likely be charged with violating terms of his release conditions.

Arroyo’s rap sheet includes prior collars for public intoxication, assault, resisting arrest, and narcotics possession.