Twerp, 18, Tells Cops He Has Job And Money, But Burglarizes Cars To Ease His Boredom

Meet Harrison McLain Eulett.

By his own account, the 18-year-old Floridian “has a job and money,” but still likes to burglarize cars as a way to ease his boredom.

Master Eulett was arrested early yesterday in connection with a recent series of thefts from autos parked in Palm Harbor, a community on the state’s west coast. During police questioning, Eulett reportedly copped to the 2 AM burglaries, saying that he and four friends drove around looking for “unlocked vehicles to get money.”

Eulett also felt the need to say that he “has no remorse,” according to an arrest affidavit. Additionally, the teen noted that he “has a job and money and just does this because he is bored,” according to cops.

Eulett made sure to add that, “These people got what they deserve,” apparently for leaving their vehicles unlocked.

Eulett was charged with auto theft and four counts of burglary. He is locked up in lieu of $45,000 bond on the five felony charges.

While court records offer no information on Eulett’s “job and money,” the teenager does have $164.16 in his jail commissary account.