Suspects Sought In 4:20 AM Burglary Of Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Cops are hunting for a pair of burglars who ransacked a medical marijuana dispensary in Clearwater early Friday morning.

The break-in, of course, occurred at 4:20.

After stealing items from a storage room at Trulieve, a “medical marijuana treatment center,” the masked men--both of whom were dressed in black--fled the scene in a black Camaro driven by an accomplice. Surveillance footage revealed that the suspects spent about five minutes inside the dispensary.

In their haste to flee, the thieves dropped numerous containers, leaving a debris field in their wake as they sped away around 4:25 AM.

About 40 minutes before the 4:20 AM heist, cops report, the suspects burglarized a Trulieve dispensary in nearby Clearwater Beach.

Police have not specified what was stolen by the suspects or the value of the pilfered marijuana products. Trulieve, a public company, describes itself as “the first and leading medical cannabis company in the state of Florida,” where it operates 45 dispensaries.