Burger King Worker Assaulted By Patron Who Argued Over Cold Onion Rings

A dispute over onion rings ended last week when a Burger King employee was struck in the head with a food tray by a patron who fled the South Carolina eatery and remains at large, police report.

According to a Santee Police Department report, worker Framon Frasier, 34, was waiting on a female customer who balked at accepting onion rings that were in a warmer “because they would be cold.” Frasier told cops that he assured the woman that he “was not going to give her cold onion rings.”

When the woman’s boyfriend remarked that she should get a refund, Frasier repeated his promise that her onion rings would not be cold. The continued back-and-forth apparently did not sit well with the unidentified man, who complained that Frasier was disrespecting his girlfriend.

As Frasier asked the woman if he has been disrespectful, her boyfriend smashed the employee in the face with a food tray, breaking his glasses. The couple then fled in a red car.

Police have categorized the attack on Frasier as an aggravated assault. While no arrest has been made, Chief Bing Jones told TSG that he expected an arrest warrant to soon be issued.