Motorist With "Don't Drink & Drive" Bumper Sticker On His Truck Gets Arrested For DUI

A Florida Man whose Ford truck carries a “Don’t Drink & Drive” bumper sticker was arrested Friday night for drunk driving after he “rear ended a stopped vehicle in front of him,” cops report.

Sergio Ferreira, 56, was driving “about 35-40 mph” when he slammed into a car at an intersection near his home in Largo. The impact caused the second vehicle to go forward and strike another car.

The occupants of the other autos did not require hospital treatment.

When contacted by police, Ferreira “staggered as he walked, swayed as he stood” and smelled of alcohol. Seen above, Ferreira, who refused to provide a breath sample, was arrested after performing poorly on a series of field sobriety tests.

Ferreira reportedly told police that he had consumed “four 18-20 ounce” cans of Busch Light beer “earlier in the night prior to driving.”

Ferreira was booked into the county jail on a misdemeanor DUI involving property damage charge. He was released from custody early Saturday after posting $500 bond.