Epic Pratfall Derails Clumsy Thief’s Bid To Pinch Some Bud Light

Florida police are seeking a young man who stole two cases of Bud Light beer, but failed to successfully get the hot brew into a getaway car.

As seen in the above surveillance video, the clumsy thief took a comical pratfall Wednesday while fleeing the E-Z Food Store in Lake Wales. The suspect appears to have been undone by his low-slung jeans while sprinting toward a waiting Chevy Lumina.

If you recognize the beer thief (or his plaid boxers), give Heartland Crime Stoppers a call at 1-800-226-TIPS.

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actually that is not a lumina it's a malibu
I feel sad that this fine young lad cannot afford a belt. Damn heartless of the government for not giving him a belt. Because of the Government callousness, this urban asset relocation artist, fell down and might be hurt becasue of a lack of a belt and because the greedy store owner didn't keep the parking lot up. Good thing we have Obamacare now, The One will fix all this fine young gents hurts, and give him a belt.
Great choice in beer and an American car
Too Damn Lazy: to hold a job, to earn his way thru life, to pay, & to be responsible enough to buy & wear a belt! JUST PLAIN L-A-Z-Y!!! So if he's caught, jail 'im, & be too lazy to feed 'im! After a few daze he'll be so thin his pants will become the appropriate shackles! & feed 'im stale Bud!!!
To me, one of the worst punishments for this buffoon would be to publicize the fact that he stole... BUD LIGHT???????? With all the good beer out there, he chooses to steal swill like this?
Yes, it has been proven, via news stories, that the Sunshine State is the weirdest of all 50. What a goof this guy is. Everybody knows you can't run with low pants, uneven surface or not. Maybe he'll keep his pants pulled up after this, so he won't fall when he has to run again. But probably not.
Does TSG have an exceptional amount of correspondents in The Sunshine State, or is it really that f-d up? I mean, like every third story comes from FL, or so it seems.
The young thief is probably looking for a good lawyer to sue the pants off the owner of the parking lot for an uneven surface that caused him to sustain such a serious fall injuring his neck, lower back, both knees and overall sense of well being.
"to sue the pants off" ... haha, I get it.
Pants on the ground !!!