Women Busted After "Bucket List" Theft Of Swimsuits, Beef Jerky From Walmart

Two women whose joint “bucket list” included stealing from a retail store were jailed Wednesday after being caught swiping bathing suits and beef jerky from a Walmart in Florida.

Jennifer Morrow, 38, and Andrea Mobley, 36, were collared for petty theft following their outing to an Ocala Walmart. Morrow (left) and Mobley are pictured in the adjacent mug shots.

The women are lifelong friends who had not seen each other in 15 years prior to recently reconnecting. For some reason, their reunion included a “bucket list” of things the duo wanted to accomplish while together, according to an Ocala Police Department report quoting the pair.

After being booked into the Marion County jail for misdemeanor theft, the women were each released on $250 bond. Cops say that Mobley stashed the bathing suits in her purse, while Morrow ate the beef jerky as she walked through the store. The items were valued at $73.78.

The police report does not indicate what else may be on the Morrow/Mobley “bucket list,” which investigators noted was "commonly a term used for a list of things to do before one dies."