Legal Tender: Woman Had $6233 In Stolen Cash Hidden In Body Cavity, Cops Say

In what may be a United States record for currency hidden inside a body cavity, a woman had $6233 in stolen cash inside her vagina when she was collared this week, according to Louisiana cops.

Ashley Beth Rolland, 23, was the subject yesterday of a TSG story reporting that, following her July 31 bust for allegedly stealing cash from her boyfriend, she denied ownership of methamphetamine that was lodged inside her body.

A probable cause affidavit noted that a plastic baggie with meth was “inside Rolland’s vagina.” The cash, the affidavit reported, was located during “a consensual search of Rolland’s person” conducted by a female correctional officer.

As it turns out, the cash and the meth were both inside Rolland (seen above).

According to West Monroe Police Department officials, Rolland had a large roll of cash, which was secured by a rubber band, concealed inside her vagina. At the center of the wad was the baggie of meth. The arresting officer told TSG that the currency included 62 $100 bills, with the remaining $33 made up of tens, fives, and singles.

While not addressed in the court affidavit, it seems likely that the money recovered from inside Rolland was in the same condition--rolled up and fastened with a rubber band--as when she allegedly took it off the victim’s dresser while he was showering. Which could explain Rolland’s disavowal of ownership of the meth that cops found in the core of the cash roll.

Pictured above, Rolland remains locked up in the Ouachita Parish jail on $8000 bond. She has been charged with theft and narcotics possession, both felonies.