Beauty Salon Caught "Sneaking Customers In" To Have Hair, Nails Done During Quarantine

In violation of a state order forcing the closure of nonessential businesses, an Ohio beauty salon was caught “sneaking in customers” to have their hair and nails done, police report.

Acting on a phone tip, cops in South Euclid, a Cleveland suburb, entered the Beauté Room Salon Wednesday afternoon and found two females inside the business. The name of a third woman, a licensed cosmetologist, is also listed on a police report.

Cops noted that they would report the matter to the state health department.

In late-March, the cosmetologist named in the South Euclid Police Department report advertised her nail care services on Facebook, writing that she was prepared to “step out of quarantine” for old and new clients.

In an April 6 post, the woman claimed that she was no longer booking appointments. “Sorry but I tried, A few bad apples spoiled the bunch! I’m not about to sneak and risk my health, possibly getting fined etc for inconsiderate females,” she declared.