Motorist Blames "Bad" Chinese Food For His Decision To Flee Accident Scene

A Florida man who fled the scene of a fender-bender explained to cops that he had consumed some “bad” Chinese food and was “on the verge of defecating in his pants” when he went in search of relief, police report. 

Carlos Baca, a 27-year-old Honduran citizen, took off last Monday after backing his pickup truck into another vehicle on a Port St. Lucie road, according to an arrest affidavit.

Baca, seen above, returned to the scene soon after the 6:30 AM crash and apologized for leaving, but “believed he had no choice” due to gastrointestinal distress caused by the Chinese food (which is not further itemized).

Arrested for driving without a license, Baca was booked into the county jail on a misdemeanor count and later released on $375 bond.