Pacifier Test Drive At Walmart Leads To Shoplifting Warrant Against South Carolina Mother

A South Carolina woman faces a shoplifting charge after she allegedly went to a Walmart and opened “several packs of pacifiers” so that her child “could try them out” before settling on a preferred binky.

Angela Byers, 22, was detained earlier this month when store employees spotted the pacifier test drive in progress. Byers, pictured in the adjacent mug shot, was later released per Walmart policy relating to the minimal value of the items in question (and the belief that Byers had no prior store-related offenses).

However, as detailed in a Spartanburg Public Safety Department report, a Walmart investigator subsequently determined that Byers had, in fact, been previously arrested for shoplifting at another Walmart store.

In light of the prior collar, a cop noted that, at Walmart’s request, “I will be seeking a warrant for shoplifting against Ms. Byers.”

According to court records, Byers was sentenced to 30 days in jail after pleading guilty to a 2010 shoplifting charge. Her rap sheet also includes a 2011 assault and battery conviction.