Cops: Customer Threatened To "Shoot Up" Domino's Restaurant Over Botched Pizza Order

An Iowa man threatened to “shoot up” a Domino’s restaurant in retaliation for workers botching his pizza order, police allege.

Dusten Kemp, 30, is locked up on $8500 bond following his arrest last night on harassment and assault charges.

According to cops, Kemp placed a delivery order Tuesday evening and subsequently complained that what he received “was wrong.” When Kemp phoned in an order late last night, workers agreed to send him two free pizzas as a make-good.

When a Domino’s employee arrived at Kemp’s home in Coralville, an Iowa City suburb, he was “drunk and took his clothes off.” Kemp, seen above, grabbed the worker’s arm and “made several threats about them messing up his order,” according to a court filing.

Kemp, police charge, then warned that he was going to “come down to Domino’s” and “shoot up the place with a .45.”

During police questioning Kemp denied making threats against Domino’s, though he admitted that a delivery driver had been at his residence.