Cops: Man Attacked Sister After She Complained About Him "Not Putting The Toilet Seat Down"

A domestic confrontation over “not putting the toilet seat down” resulted in the arrest of a North Dakota man for allegedly roughing up his sister, who had complained about his bathroom habits, police report.

Cops were summoned last week to the West Fargo residence shared by Thaddeus Morgan, 24, and his 23-year-old sister. Cynthia Morgan told officers that she had argued with her brother “because Thaddeus was upset because she got mad about him not putting the toilet seat down.”

During the confrontation, Cynthia charged, Thaddeus pushed her and broke her glasses. Additionally, when she sought to dial 911, he allegedly took her cell phone. When questioned by officers, Thaddeus reportedly admitted “interfering with the 911 call and slapping his sister with an open hand,” according to a police report.

Thaddeus also copped to pushing Cynthia and grabbing her wrists, but claimed that she “was throwing toys at him.”

Seen in the above mug shot, Morgan was arrested for interfering with an emergency call, a felony, and misdemeanor assault. He is scheduled for an April 2 District Court preliminary hearing.