Cops: Man Tried To Smuggle Oxycodone Hidden Inside McDonald's Double Cheeseburger To Jailed Wife

An Alabama man tried to smuggle Oxycodone to his imprisoned wife by hiding the pills between the patties of a McDonald’s double cheeseburger that he dropped off at the local jail, cops report.

Timothy Lee Thompson’s bid to get two powerful pain pills into the tiny Red Bay city jail was thwarted when a police employee searched the McDonald’s grub and discovered the narcotics.

Pictured below, Thompson, 31, was arrested Friday for promoting prison contraband. He was subsequently freed on $2500 bond after being booked on the felony count.

Thompson’s spouse Ashley--who is facing a theft charge--remains locked up in the jail, which houses up to four inmates, according to Red Bay Police Department Chief Jana Jackson.

Jackson told TSG that her department allows inmates to receive food and care packages from friends and family, but added that the items are checked before entering the lockup. Thompson was aware of this, since he had previously dropped off a book for his wife and watched as an officer did a page-by-page examination of the volume.

Since inmates are fed bologna sandwiches and Hot Pockets, the dropping off of other food has been allowed by police. However, following the Oxycodone smuggling attempt, food items brought to the jail for inmates must now be “sealed,” Jackson said.