Actually, This Perp Should Have Gotten A Frank Serpico Or Sonny Wortzik Tattoo On His Back

Along with photographing arrestees, many police departments will also take shots of a perp’s identifying marks--like scars and tattoos--for future identification purposes. Which is what happened last Sunday when a 29-year-old New York native got arrested for pot possession by Florida cops.

As seen below, the gent is such a big Al Pacino fan--like these folks--that he has a still from “Scarface” inked on his back (below the police photo is the corresponding image of Tony Montana from the 1983 film).

While the “Scarface” appeal in understandable, we’d have gone for a shot of Pacino on the streets of New York City--either as Sonny Wortzik ("Dog Day Afternoon”), Frank Serpico (“Serpico”), or Lefty Ruggiero (“Donnie Brasco”).

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Spent more on his tat than his education
warning... idiots who dont know how to tattoo are coming to a trailer park near you!
He got it for his boyfriend
I thought it was Abe Lincoln
What went through this tub-of-lard's puny mind when he decided to get a ridiculous movie still tattooed on his fat back?
Why the hell does Al Pacino in the Tattoo have a goatee? Or does he just need to work out??
HELLO back hair!!!!!
This "Perp" is probably in jail hearing those immortal words, bend over and "Say hello to my little friend!"
That tattoo looks horrible.