Cops Trigger Involuntary Psych Hospitalization For "Hoarders" Sex Offender

The convicted sex offender/repeat felon featured last month on A&E's hit  “Hoarders” series was involuntarily hospitalized last week after police found his car parked in a wooded area with a can taped to the vehicle’s tailpipe.

When Roger Sisson, who uses the alias Patrick Donovan O’Shannahan, was questioned by North Port Police Department officers, he told them that he “was not happy with his life,” according to an October 14 police report excerpted above (click to enlarge).

“Patrick advised that he no longer wants to live. He also keeps stating that I am ‘delaying the inevitable.’ He said that he has been institutionalized before,” reported Officer Melanie Turner. Sisson, 65, was handcuffed and transported to a local mental health facility pursuant to Florida’s Baker Act, which allows for the emergency commitment of an individual.

Sisson’s criminal history (and his “Hoarders” star turn) were the subject yesterday of a TSG story. He has also been investigated by a group of sleuths congregating at blogger Anita Wirawan’s online outpost.

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Judging by similarities to comments posted earlier this morning on my blog, 'up yours' is actually Sir Patrick/Roger Sisson. But I guess that might be obvious anyway lol.
the reporters on this sight are liars & totally incompetent! they stated that he assulted an 18 year, 22 her age. SP did not take a plea SP never convicted of a sexual offence, did not 3 years but 2.5 years for "intent to assult 4th degree.was sentenced 2 to 5 years, which validates is not a csc charge by Mi statue not required to register as a sex offender. He was forced by a violent cop Saint.Louis to register or be beaten near to death by cop SP had one hour to register or he would be beaten & arrested for attacking a police officer. It is obvious that the reporters & else where do not do their job with whole truth etc. hell with the truth, facts. My question is this..why is everyone attacking SP.He is not on probation, has committed no crime nor been accused of a any crime & only mistake was being on hoarders show. Is he the only former convicted even though innocent, felon in the states or is it just that you all need to vent your hatred on him to make yourselves feel superior or God like??? I have read all of his sights and not a single one does he speak of sex, ask for photos that are not christ like nor does he speak or write anything not biblical. It is a obvious also that you all are like magots on a decaying body, feeding off a man that hurts no one and you all are spreading every kind of filth and more your shallow and evil minds can come up with. What you call facts are partical truths which you twist and turn and change to have all your fellow magots jump in and devore Sp. As far as I am concerned, your anamosity, hatred and abuses of SP should be punished and God is the ultimate revenger. There is a judgement day, do not judge, speak lies, evil against your fellow man...as you judge, you will be judged one day and be held accountable for all the harm you do to others.
So it looks like SP is out of the hospital already? That was quick.